accepting there are narcissists in this world
accepting my father was one of them
accepting my siblings could never get over it
accepting there are clusters of people suffering
from their own shortcomings
who wrongly blame the world

accepting the fear that turns into violence
out of ignorance and lack of wisdom
accepting the bitter so I can taste the sweet
the roses and the cats and my lover’s eyes
sweet fragrance all night long
sweet trees and grass dancing by the wind

this is the world
this is ourselves
can’t separate myself from the rest
can’t reject what is here to stay
and blame is just a meaningless self inflicted wound
that I’d rather heal with the power of my own words

fully satisfied with yourself and your life
you realise it’s not about forgetting
not even about forgiving
but about gratefully accepting
all that happened

as even the worst things
the worst people did
shaped you
into this person
now you are

— satisfied —

beautiful stars
so high in the sky
as beautiful as the eye
that impresses them in the mind

the fire of understanding
burns hate
into ashes of compassion

“Es verdad que tomo malas decisiones, pero es porque mis padres eran malos y me hicieron así”

Bueno, pero… tus padres también tuvieron padres… querrás decir que tus padres tomaron malas decisiones contigo debido a que tus abuelos las tomaron con ellos

Y claro, la culpa de eso es de tus tatarabuelos, que también tuvieron padres…
Quizás es por algún neandertal en Altamira, aunque
hay que reconocer que los neandertales
también tuvieron sus ascendentes asi que
quizás deberías mas bien culpar
a la bacteria amniótica de la cual
ellos descienden,

para ser justos,
esa bacteria también tiene
un origen en algún otro ser
así que mas bien parece
que aquí el juego trata de
nunca tomar responsabilidad
de tus actos

porque la culpa fue del big bang
que es que aquello fue algo

How could it get better than this:
no phone calls
no christmas cards
no family

some gifts though
lots of them like
this present moment
the ability to enjoy it
cat´s and virtual friends´

the sun and the rain bringing a
green mantle to this emerald island
some good sleep and the feeling of
peace that comes with
taking good choices and
following them through

the quite euphoria of knowing
we are the cosmos and in the
company of ourselves
and at home
never mind where

We are never alone.
Not even if other humans
are not around
or the ones who are
don’t care or can’t
understand you now

we are always in the company of others
in the company of objects
or living beings like plants
non human animals
like beautiful cats
insects and mountains
inebriating substances
and all sorts of foodstuff
views through the windows
and music that heals
from some entertaining device

loneliness is a choice
that I chose not to choose.

and our most faithful company
is this journey itself:
a constant destination
that never leave us alone.

when you wake up early in the morning
just before dawn
don’t get out of bed yet
whistle your cats in
and sing them an improvised song
whatever melody comes easier
to your lips that day
and while they stroke you with their
heads and bodies
sing them you love them
and that they are fantastic
pretty kitties
loving creatures
blessing your life

in that way
you would be together
— in the same wavelength —
during the day
a pack of merry animals
trotting around the house